Orca Massage Therapy

Orca Massage Therapy

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Baby MassageWe both loved the baby massage course. Nathan was very attentive, often cooing and chattering while being massaged, and I enjoyed having some time to focus on him. Baby massage has become a special time for me and Nathan, helping us connect and enhancing our bond. I looked forward to the massage course each week, it was refreshing to step out of the busy-ness of the rest of life and have some special time with my baby. I found the course relaxing and encouraging, it was affirming and positive, and professionally led. It was also a great opportunity to meet other parents with young babies to share experiences and tips. – Kate mum to Nathan 

Pregnancy massageJosephine has been fantastic. I am in my third trimester and was miserable with pelvic pain, so emailed her to arrange a massage at home. She was professional, kind and had all the props needed to make me comfortable. The music and olis were relaxing and I felt like I was in a spa even though I was in my living room! My hip feels a lot better and I have rebooked more massages- Josephine is quick to respond and has even managed to fit me in on the same day I emailed. I highly recommend Orca Massage for anyone wanting some massage therapy but can particularly recommend for those during pregnancy too. – Alice

2 circles for websiteJosephine is a talented massage therapist who really helped me in the latter stage of my pregnancy, with all those aches and pains!  I had sciatica and backache and she was able to help me with both of those things.  I would highly recommend her. – Caroline

Therapeutic massage In my seventies, I wish I had come across Josephine earlier in my life! I have had low back pain and leg pains for many years, and many different solutions have been offered, with varying degrees of success. Already after 10 weekly sessions with Josephine I find that movement is considerably easier and some of the discomfort has been reduced. I notice a continuing steady improvement week on week and I’m delighted. – Sue

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